Sandridge Lookout, Port Melbourne VIC, Australia [Review]

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VICT’s Container Terminal, Port Melbourne VIC, Australia (Image: Google Maps)

Rating: 2.6 ★★

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Place Types: Australia

Address: Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

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Tasaddaq Hussain
1/5 8 months ago
The Yellow lane markings on the grids are fade, the red/green lights at the end of the grids are mostly faulty, the small Spot lights installed on the grills of the grids are also mostly faulty and far most the toilets need regular cleaning.


1/5 a year ago

It’s job TAKING Melbourne Wharf. it’s fully automatic means no Manpower and not much jobs here like other Melbourne Wharfs. This Wharf not good for Melbourne people.
It means our future is not secure and all these automatic machines will take our jobs and big companies will fill their pockets. Please give your reviews. Thanks

Adam G
5/5 2 year ago
Watching the berthing of large vessels and the shipside operation, especially the diesel fueled and magnet guided Automatic Container Carriers, and the remotely operated ship-to-shore quay cranes on the berth at VICT’s shipping container terminal, is nothing short of a mesmerizing and an amazing experience. For the perfect spot to view this terminal in operation, follow Webb Dock Trail down to Sandridge Lookout and then take the short gravel path west along the water’s edge. A visit to Australia’s first fully automated container terminal is highly recommended.
Whare Maika
3/5 a year ago
Fully automated container port good
Richard Schipper
5/5 a year ago
Fascinating to just stand and watch.

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