Aquarium of the Pacific, Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA, USA [Review]

The Aquarium of the Pacific, located at Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA, USA, is a must-visit tourist destination. This location provides essential details such as the address, phone number, and exact location to assist you in planning your trip. Please rate and verify the information for accuracy.

Aquarium of the Pacific, Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA, USA (Image: Google Maps)

Rating: 4.6 ★★

29,275 reviews on Google

Place Types: United States

Address: 55 Music Concourse Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118, United States

Website: https://www.calacademy .org/

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone number: +14153798000

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Jennifer Lemus

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ a year ago

An utterly delightful encounter! The wealth of remarkable exhibits and engaging, educational interactive displays left a lasting impression. Parking was conveniently simple, with the added bonus of validated parking. The cafes offered satisfying options without overwhelming crowds. Observing scuba divers feed the fish, having the chance to touch stingrays, and participating in bird feeding were truly remarkable highlights. Without a doubt, we strongly recommend including this attraction on your list of must-see places while in the Long Beach area.

Simon Moore

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ a year ago

The entrance fee is more than reasonable given the wealth of exhibits they provide. Surprisingly expansive, this aquarium showcases both the marine life and plant diversity of our magnificent oceans. Many of the plants and creatures they showcased were entirely new to me, and there was always a knowledgeable and amiable staff member or information card nearby to address any inquiries.

The penguin exhibit was incredibly endearing, and the opportunity to touch stingrays was a unique experience. In proximity to these areas, highly informative interactive displays elucidate the collection of rainwater and the inner workings of urban water systems. The location of the aquarium is also fantastic for exploration afterward, although it’s not precisely a recreational beach area.

If you find yourself in the vicinity, I strongly urge you to explore this destination. It’s an enthralling experience for individuals of all ages, from children to adults!

Rosalind Smith

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ a weeks ago

The interactive “touch” experiences truly captivated me. The chance to caress a shark, feel the texture of a starfish, and even interact with a jellyfish was absolutely incredible. The range of attractions is extensive. We devoted a few hours to our visit and could have easily extended it if we had stayed for the short films. Nonetheless, we felt that we could catch nature videos at any time, so we opted out.

Located near the Shoreline Village, the aquarium offers an enchanting and leisurely walk with its array of shops and dining options. Since we took a shuttle from our hotel, I can’t provide insights on the parking situation. The timed entry tickets ensured a pleasant stroll, and we discovered spots to sit and wait outside, adding to the overall experience.

J singh

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ a month ago

We chose the Aquarium of the Pacific to celebrate my son’s birthday. The venue was stunning, and the staff were incredibly kind and accommodating. The young volunteers were impressively informed and eager to assist. The food was exceptionally delicious, and we relished every bite.

My son’s enjoyment was so immense that persuading him to leave was a challenge – he was quite adamant about staying longer! 😆 We’re eager to revisit in the near future. Heartfelt gratitude to the Aquarium of the Pacific for making this day so extraordinary. 🤪 Sending much love and respect 🙏.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3 days ago

An absolute blast for my kids and their cousins! The highlight was undoubtedly the captivating big tank show. Their excitement peaked as they got the chance to touch stingrays, jellyfish, starfish, and sea urchins.


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