LEGOLAND New York Resort, Legoland Way, Goshen, NY, USA


LEGOLAND New York Resort, Legoland Way, Goshen, NY, USA [Review]

The LEGOLAND New York Resort, located at Legoland Way, Goshen, NY, USA, is a must-visit tourist destination. This location provides essential details such as the address, phone number, and exact location to assist you in planning your trip. Please rate and verify the information for accuracy.

LEGOLAND New York Resort, Legoland Way, Goshen, NY, USA (Image: Google Maps)

Rating: 3.9 ★★

5,735 reviews on Google

Place Types: United States

Address: 1 Legoland Wy, Goshen, NY 10924, United States

Website: https://www.legoland .com/new-york/

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone number:+18454100290

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To have the best experience when visiting a LEGOLAND New York Resort, in Legoland Way, Goshen, NY, USA, rely on reviews from highly rated experienced individuals to ensure a memorable arrival.

Talita Montanha

⭐⭐⭐✰✰ a week ago

The entrance fee hardly justifies the cost and benefits. We chose not to stay at the hotel, opting only for the park experience. As a family, each ticket set us back over 60 dollars per person. Despite visiting on a weekday to avoid long queues, the reality was that even on weekdays, lines were quite lengthy. The frustrating aspect wasn’t just the queues themselves, but the perception that the pace was deliberately slow. Unlike parks such as Disney or Six Flags that efficiently manage lines, this park seemed to employ only one employee per ride, responsible for queue management, seatbelt checks, and starting the ride. Consequently, the line moved at a snail’s pace.

Compounding the issue, more than five attractions were out of order. The food pricing was utterly unreasonable and demonstrated a lack of regard for the customers.

There were positive aspects, like sensory rooms and clear notifications, which are especially beneficial for children with specific needs. The overall theme was interesting, although it is best suited for kids under 12. If you’re looking to entertain your child, it will likely succeed in that regard.

However, addressing the lengthy queues, potentially extending operating hours, and reconsidering the food pricing policy would vastly enhance the experience. The present approach of hoping to limit visitors’ time in the park isn’t effective, as it often leaves guests feeling frustrated and dissatisfied upon leaving.

audra west

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ a month ago

Opting for a weekday visit turned out to be a wise decision. The entry process was swift and efficient. I was pleasantly surprised to find the restrooms well-maintained, and the queues for attractions never exceeded a 30-minute wait. However, I deducted a star due to the food quality. The burger I had tasted reminiscent of school cafeteria fare, although the fries were a pleasant exception – truly delicious. It would be better if the refill cups could be refilled at all locations rather than just certain spots. On a positive note, the staff was remarkably friendly and contributed to making my daughter’s birthday a more memorable occasion. They clearly understood the significance of their role!

sean ordway

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 6 day ago

An enjoyable theme park tailored to parents with young kids. The park maintains a high level of cleanliness and is designed to be family-friendly. It offers a well-balanced array of rides, games, shows, playgrounds, and engaging Lego-building activities. Although the food prices are on the steep side, the park’s lenient policy on bringing outside food and water is quite commendable. I managed to pack most of our day’s food and bring it along. Additionally, there are numerous water bottle filling stations available if you bring your own water bottle. One drawback is the limited access to the water park, but considering the park is relatively new and consistently adding new attractions, there’s a chance that more water park options could be introduced in the future. All in all, it’s a fantastic experience for families with young children.

Michael Burgio KK

⭐⭐⭐⭐✰ a week ago

UPDATE, August 2023: Returning for our second summer at LEGOLAND NY was just as delightful as the first. Our highlight was undoubtedly the brand-new Water Playground. Even though the playtime is limited to 20 minutes, those moments were packed with fun. The water features, slides, fountains, and the colossal water bucket that drenches everyone created an exhilarating experience. Kudos to the efficient staff who ensured quick rotations and made sure guests could enjoy it thoroughly before lunch and again at day’s end.

We noted several improvements from the previous year, though there’s still room for more. The addition of additional shaded areas and misting stations was a relief on the scorching day, yet more of these provisions are needed. Also, more water refill stations would be beneficial.

Arriving early is advised to bypass lengthy admission lines, although the staff managed to streamline the process effectively. Until our next summer encounter, we extend our gratitude to LEGOLAND NY for the fantastic experience!

Trip type: Vacation
Travel group: Family

Location: 5
Walkability: Be prepared for significant walking, especially on inclines at LEGOLAND NY. Opt for comfortable footwear.

Food & drinks: The park offers a diverse range of food, albeit at higher prices as is customary at amusement parks. Personally, I found the “Pirates” eatery preferable due to its cafeteria/buffet style, without the need for ordering through an app.

Peter Espinoza

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 weeks ago

Absolutely fantastic! The park’s meticulous maintenance and exceptional cleanliness were truly impressive (kudos to the team). My daughter, my father, and I had an absolutely splendid time. I wholeheartedly love it and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a visit, especially for those with young children. The rides provided loads of fun, and I’d suggest aiming for a weekend visit to minimize crowds and wait times. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit for the water park and secure reservations, which open at 7 am on the day you plan to go. Have a blast!


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