Madame Tussauds, South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, USA


Madame Tussauds, South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, USA [Review]

The Madame Tussauds, located at South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, USA, is a must-visit tourist destination. This location provides essential details such as the address, phone number, and exact location to assist you in planning your trip. Please rate and verify the information for accuracy.

Madame Tussauds, South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, USA(Image: Google Maps)

Rating: 4.5 ★★

8,384 reviews on Google

Place Types: United States

Address: 3377 S Las Vegas Blvd Ste. 2001, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

Located in: Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas


Opening Hours: Waiting for update

Phone number: +17028627800

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Sherry Evenhuis

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 2 weeks ago

My husband and I had such a great time! The hosts were so welcoming and made our experience really enjoyable. Thank you to the wonderful ladies! And let me tell you about the wax statues – they look unbelievably real! We couldn’t resist taking tons of pictures with them. Oh, and don’t miss out on the Carnival Carnage 7D, it’s an absolute blast. Big shoutout to the host on August 12th, 2023, between 7 and 8 pm – you made it even more special. I’m so grateful for the hostess who offered me water and helped with the elevator. You were a lifesaver! 😁

Price: $31/adult

ShovelheadTed !

⭐⭐⭐⭐✰ 4 days ago

This place was really cool, and the wax figures looked unbelievably real. It was amazing to see how lifelike they were. What I enjoyed the most about our visit was how interactive the experience was with each wax figure. We had a really great time during our visit here.

JD Moore

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ a year ago

I went with my wife and kids, and everyone had a great time. This was my second visit, and they made enough changes to keep it enjoyable, just like the first time. It costs $49 for adults. If you have one of those passes that lets you do multiple activities/events, then definitely check out this place.

Paul Ladd

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ a month ago

The best show I’ve ever seen! So incredible! People swinging from ropes and catching each other—it was breathtaking!! The price doesn’t even come close to capturing the greatness of the show. It’s truly priceless!!! Adult entry fee: $31 and up

sandy King

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 9 months ago

My sister and I had a great time at the museum. It’s incredible how they make these wax figures. I really suggest checking it out—get away from the heat, save some money from gambling, and see some movie stars that look unbelievably real. I loved it!

Karen Kennedy

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3 months ago

We had a good time here, even though there weren’t many British or world stars. The photos were a bit pricey – we thought we’d get a free one with our ticket, but it was an additional $30. We already paid $43 to get in, so it felt expensive.


Melissa Deal

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 months ago

This was a fun spot to check out all the wax figures, but they looked a bit skinny. Also, there was a lot of empty space around most of them. It would have been better if they filled in those areas to make the atmosphere more engaging.

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